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12 JANUARY 2017

FREDERICK LEA – It is with deep regret that the death of Fred at the age of 71 has to be reported. His was a familiar face to those attending the major O Gauge shows as over the years he was the main helper on the David Andrews sales stand. Originally his main modelling interest was in 3mm scale to a prize winning level but he also liked to build 7mm locomotives both standard and narrow gauge. Several of the former have appeared on the stand from time to time. Fred was a self taught artist and after a career in the civil service he took up painting and drawing full time, mainly of railways but also local scenes. His work has been much admired and regularly seen gracing advertisements, box labels and web sites. As well as his talent for art he was also an excellent guitarist having had a short spell as a professional musician in his younger days. He will be sorely missed.

NEW ORDERS – Kits are now produced to order only. Please note that the order book for Spring 2017 is only open until the end of January. After that reservations can be made until the end of JULY for delivery in the Autumn.

STOCK – There are currently these kits in stock:-

 D180 LMS/BR Fowler 2-6-4T (Limousine Cab)  339

 D145 LMS/BR 'Black 5' 4-6-0 (Long Wheelbase)  339

As it is just a single example of each one it is first come first served. Prices are plus 11 carriage.


THE RANGE – As the stock of many of the castings for it have now been completely depleted the following kit has been withdrawn with immediate effect.

 D805 SECR/SR/BR Wainwright D Class 4-4-0

Orders/Reservations for the following kits will only be accepted until the end of JULY.

 D138 LMS/BR Rebuilt ‘Royal Scot’ 4-6-0

 D152 LMS/BR Stanier ‘Mogul’ 2-6-0

 D202 LMS/BR Large Boiler ‘Claughton’ 4-6-0

 D304 GWR/BR 72XX 2-8-2T (Curved Frame)

 D332 GWR/BR ‘Duke’ 4-4-0 (Belpaire Firebox)

 D638 GCR/LNER/BR D11/1 (GCR 11F) ‘Improved Director’

         4-4-0 (Self Trim. Tender)


NEXT PROJECTS – Please see details of these in the previous NEWS section.


 Bulleid 'west country'/'battle of britain' 4-6-2



11 NOVEMBER 2016

new orders – Kits are now produced to order only. The order book for Spring 2017 is open and will be now until the end of January. Until then kits can be reserved which will guarantee the price. No deposits are required at this stage. Deliveries will be in March/April.

STOCK – There are currently a few kits in stock as follows :-

  • D180 LMS/BR Fowler 2-6-4T (Limousine Cab)  339
  • D145 lms/br 'black 5' 4-6-0 (long wheelbase) 339
  • D322 GWR/BR ‘King’ Class’ 4-6-0    399
  • D342 GWR/BR 'CASTLE' 4-6-0 (Collett Tender) 399
  • d637 gcr/lner/br d11/1 'improved director' (standard tender) 299

All plus the usual 11 carriage. As it is just a single example of each one it is first come first served.

SOMERSET & DORSET 7F 2-8-0 – This is the next kit to be released and is expected to be available around the middle of 2017. It will be to build one of the second batch of engines after they had received replacement smaller boilers between 1930 and 1955. They had left hand drive, screw reverse and Fowler tenders and lasted until 1964. Other versions may follow should there be enough interest. The cost has been set at 379 and reservations without deposit are now being taken which will guarantee this price

Bulleid 'west country'/'battle of britain' 4-6-2  – For some time customers have been asking for a kit of these locomotives in their 'Air Smoothed' condition. On the face of it the 'Spam Can' casing is a relatively simple shape but it is in fact quite a complex one. Like the existing kit of the Rebuilt version it has been decided to opt for a resin moulding to portray the shape best. In the first instance a kit will be for the engines in their later form with wedge front cabs and cut down tender. Other versions would follow depending on demand. Reservations without deposit are now being taken for the first batch which is expected to be ready towards the end of 2017. If reserved the price will be guaranteed to be not more than 500 for the locomotive and tender.

LMS/BR 2-6-2 TANKS – Following the successful release of the 2-6-4 versions the smaller brethren are being examined as possible kit subjects. Your preferences please.

PRICES – There have had to be some revisions, please see the kit list for the current prices.

COMPARISONS – There are kits available from other suppliers that are David Andrews designs. They are all now very old and should not be compared to kits of any locomotives that are in this range

EMAIL – There has been a change in the Internet provider so please ensure all emails go to davidandrews@locomotivekits.com

WEB SITE – This now has more photographs in place of illustrations. Many of them are of customers models, more are always welcome. Some of the drawn and painted original illustrations previously used are still available to purchase.


25 APRIL 2016

NEW ORDERS – All kits are now produced to order only. The next period for accepting new orders will be 1st JUNE until 31st JULY. Those received during this period will be delivered in OCTOBER 2016. From now until June kits can be reserved which will place them in the queue and guarantee the price. A 50 deposit will be requested after June 1st to confirm the order.

LMS/BR TWO CYLINDER STANIER 2-6-4T – The first batch of this kit has been sold and delivered . One can be had as per New Orders above. There has been a small price change, future deliveries will be at 339. 

LMS/BR THREE CYLINDER STANIER 2-6-4T – It was soon apparent without doing any real research that it would not be possible to produce a kit that would cover both Two and Three Cylinder types. That is without incorporating a great number of parts that would be totally redundant in one version or the other. With the Two Cylinder engine completed a kit for the Three Cylinder can now be considered and any expressions of interest in one would be welcomed.

LMS/BR FOWLER 2-6-4T – The Limousine Cab kit has now taken its place within the rest of the range although the price now is 339. As per New Orders above it can be reserved now for delivery in October.

GWR/BR CASTLE 4-6-0 – The original kit would only build an engine from No.5013 onwards or an earlier example with the later style valve chest cover. It has been completely retooled and now also covers the earlier locomotives in their original form with fluted valve chest cover, etc. It comes with either the Churchward 3500G, Collett 4000G or Hawksworth 4000G tender and is priced at 399.

GNR (I) V CLASS 4-4-0 Compound – There now seems to be enough support for a kit of this locomotive to go ahead. Anyone interested should though still get in touch.

SHOWS – These are no longer being attended with a sales stand


29 DECEMBER 2015

NEW ORDERS - It is regretted that no new orders can be accepted from 1st January 2016 until further notice. All orders placed by 31st December will be delivered in March as per the published schedule. Please continue to refer to the LATEST NEWS notes to establish when the order book will be reopened.

LM/BR FOWLER 2-6-4T - The first batch of kits of the 'Limousine Cab' kit have all been sold and shipped. Reservations will be taken for another batch in the second half of 2016. There is no obligation as no deposit is required at this stage.

LM/BR STANIER 2-6-4T - Work on this kit for the Two Cylinder version is progressing well and is on schedule for release early in 2016. All the pattern making has now been completed, moulds made and sample castings obtained. The price for the first batch has been set at £319 for kits that are reserved and there are a few still available.

SHOWS - These are no longer being attended with a sales stand

FUTURE PROJECTS -  A kit for the GNR (I) V class 4-4-0 Compound is now expected to go ahead. Anyone interested in it should still get in touch.


26 AUGUST 2015

NEW ORDERS All kits are now available to order only, no stock is carried. A 50 deposit is required for each one ordered. There are dates throughout the year within which a kit can be ordered and a specific month in which they will be delivered. Kits can be reserved at any time on the understanding that the delivery could be quite protracted. Once a deposit has been paid the price is guaranteed. Please note that the delivery months listed are based on suppliers current time scales.





 LM/BR FOWLER 2-6-4T It is very much regretted that due to a pattern making delay the 'Limousine Cab' kit will not be ready in time for the Telford show on 5/6th September. Despite being virtually complete the design and development can not now be finalised in time to get the etchings, castings, etc. delivered. Even with this hold up it is hoped to have the first batch of kits available towards the end of October. These have all provisionally been sold but the delay may mean some becoming available. Production of another batch will depend on demand.

 LM/BR STANIER 2-6-4T Work on this kit for the Two Cylinder version is progressing on schedule, the chassis having now been completed. Release is anticipated for early 2016. The price has been set at 319 for kits that are reserved.

THE RANGE  No further reductions in the kit range are currently planned although they can not be ruled out. As before any changes will be such that there will be a period in which orders can be got in before any kit is deleted.

SHOWS The last one of all will be at Telford in September, after this it will be mail order only. It is appreciated that many people like to collect their kits rather than have them posted but with a planned reduction in business activity shows are now regrettably too costly and time consuming. Thanks go out to all those customers who have bought kits at the shows over the years.

FUTURE PROJECTS  Under consideration is a kit for the GNR (I) V class 4-4-0 Compound. It would be for one in its final Belpaire form and with alternative frame spacers for Fine Scale and Irish gauges. Anyone interested should get in touch so that the level of interest can be determined.


11 JUNE 2015
As detailed last time, new kit orders will not now be accepted until after the 1st September. Reservations can though be placed on the understanding that delivery will not be until well into the Autumn. The price will be quoted and guaranteed not to change.

The only kits currently in stock are D111, D128, D311, D351 & D638


1 MAY 2015

NEW ORDERS – Please note that new kit orders will not be accepted after 1st June for delivery before or at the Telford exhibition in early September. Orders can though still be placed after this date on the understanding that delivery will not be until well into the Autumn. The price will be quoted and guaranteed not to change at the time of ordering

Although this date may seem very early it is dictated by the delivery schedules of the etchers and the packing time required once the etchings become available. There is also their two week shut down to consider. It will in addition allow more time to complete the development of the LMS 2-6-4 tanks. Both the Fowler and Stanier versions can still to be reserved.

There are currently a very limited number of kits available 'off the shelf' as follows but almost all are limited to one example of each:-

D110 LMS/BR ‘Princess’ 4-6-2 (Long Firebox) Main Series


D111 LMS Parallel Boiler ‘Royal Scot’ 4-6-0 (Fowler Tender)


D128 LMS/BR ‘Patriot’ 4-6-0


D172 LMS/BR Fowler ‘Compound’ 4-4-0


D213 LNWR/LMS/BR ‘Super D’ 0-8-0 (Belpaire Firebox)


D311 GWR ‘County’ Curved Frame 4-4-0


D351 GWR/BR ‘Dean Goods’ 0-6-0 (Belpaire Firebox)


D611 GCR/LNER B3 (GCR 9P) ‘Lord Farringdon’ 4-6-0  (Standard Tender)


D638 GCR/LNER/BR D11/1 (GCR 11F) ‘Improved Director’ 4-4-0 (Self Trimming Tender)


D821 SR/BR Class V ‘Schools’ 4-4-0


D808  SECR/SR/BR Wainwright C Class 0-6-0



The following are expected to be ready in June:

D141 LMS/BR ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 (Short Firebox)


D211 LNWR/LMS/BR ‘George V’ 4-4-0 (Round Top Firebox)


D322GWR/BR ‘King’ Class’ 4-6-0


D332GWR/BR ‘Duke’ 4-4-0 (Belpaire Firebox)


D852BR Rebuilt 'West Country/Battle of Britain' 4-6-2 (5500G Tender)


D861BR Rebuilt 'Merchant Navy' 4-6-2 (5000G Tender)



THE RANGE – This is being reduced as previously detailed, the kits no longer available from 1st June can be found in the last news section. Note that no versions of the Gresley A3 are now available to order

STEPHENSON VALVE GEAR BLACK FIVE – Reservations are still being accepted for this kit until 1st June.  The price will be 379.

NICKEL SILVER – Enquires are still being received for kits with all Nickel Silver etchings. Due to the logistical problems it entailed this option was deleted nearly two years ago and there are no plans to reintroduce it.

SHOWS – The next one will be at Telford in September, it will be the last show of all to be attended with a sales stand.


19 MARCH 2015

– After some initial confusion the arrangement where prices are not listed now seems to have settled down. It requires a potential customer to enquire about prices and thus also receive the stock/delivery situation. Although in some ways less convenient it does establish the likelihood of a kit actually being available and if not when it could be.

THE RANGE – Just to repeat the situation, this is being further slimmed down. Orders for the following kits will not be accepted after 1st June 2015.
D102, D109, D119, D123, D133, D166
D209, D211, D214, D223
D311, D312, D325, D338
D611, D641
D702, D711
It may well be the case that some of these kits will not be available even until then. Stocks of parts are in some cases very limited and they will not be reordered. For instance D612, D701 & D703 previously listed are no longer available for this reason. As the tooling is not being sold or destroyed there is the possibility that they could be produced again in the future but it would only be if there were to be a very significant demand.

LM/BR 2-6-4 FOWLER/STANIER TANKS – The response to both of these engines has been good and work on them is progressing well. If reserved they will be available at a guaranteed price of 319 each. Details of specifications and expected release dates can be had on application.

STEPHENSON VALVE GEAR BLACK FIVE – There has been enough interest in this locomotive for another small batch of the kit to go ahead. The price will be 379, reservations please not later than 1st June 2015.

SHOWS – With Kettering now behind us the next one up is Telford in September. Kettering marks the halfway mark between each Telford show so we are now closer to the next one than the last. Please note that Guildex this year will be the last one of all to be attended with a sales stand. Shows have diminished in importance over the years and far more kits go out by mail order. This is a very well established and safe method and whilst it is appreciated that many customers prefer to collect in person the not inconsiderable preparation time and overall expense involved with shows can no longer be justified.

ORDERING – Please note that the date shown above is also the one that needs to be taken into account if something is required in time for Telford. Whilst kits could be available if ordered after this date delivery can not be at all guaranteed.

COPYRIGHTS – Kit designs are offered for sale from time to time. Any potential purchasers should make themselves fully aware of the situation regarding the copyright.

LNER B3 'LORD FARRINGDON' 4-6-0 – A model is being offered for sale on a well know Internet auction site. Noted that the cab roof as seen is not as intended!

LICKY BANKER 'BIG BERTHA' 0-10-0 – No, not a potential kit subject. A good customer is looking for an unmade or even started kit of this locomotive so if anyone has one for sale can they please get in touch. 

12 JANUARY 2015

PRICES As fully detailed in the previous news prices are no longer listed which means an enquiry will have to be made to ascertain them. At the same time the stock/delivery situation can also be determined. This policy is to prevent orders being received for kits that are not in stock and not likely to be for several weeks and thus make customers aware of this.

THE RANGE This is being further slimmed down. Orders for the following kits will not be accepted after 1st June 2015.

 D102, D109, D119, D123, D133, D166
D209, D211, D214, D223
D311, D312, D325, D338
D611, D612, D641
D701, D702, D703, D711

STEPHENSON VALVE GEAR BLACK FIVE Another small batch of this kit is being contemplated for later in the year. The price will be 379, reservations please not later than 1st June 2015.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Although the range has been pruned back somewhat in recent years it is still a relatively large one. It has always been difficult trying to keep as many of the kits available off the shelf as possible. Given the increased time it now takes to get etchings delivered and some other factors it has become even harder. From now on the policy will not be to automatically reorder after the last kit of any particular locomotive has been sold. They are to be produced in the same small batches as before but only as and when demand warrants. Only a limited number are likely to be in stock at any one time so an enquiry about availability and price will be necessary. If a kit is not in stock then a reservation can be made at which time the cost will be guaranteed. When sufficient reservations are received a batch will go ahead and a 50 deposit required. Delivery and balance to be paid would be approximately six weeks later.

NEXT SHOW – This will be at Kettering on 7th March 2015. Given the above it is now even more important to consider requirements as early as possible.

LM/BR 2-6-4 FOWLER/STANIER TANKS – These are now firmly in the program for 2015. It is planned that the Fowler will be available in the first half of the year and the Stanier the second. Initial versions will be the limousine cab and two-cylinder type respectively. Either kit can be reserved from now on and the price will then be guaranteed at 319 each.

FUTURE PROJECTS – Suggestions are regularly made for new kit subjects but it is perhaps time to consider a particular favourite. The GWR 43XX 2-6-0s are certainly that so any expressions of interest would be welcomed to gauge the possible demand.